The educational project DESIGN LESSON (LEKCJA DIZAJNU) was prepared in cooperation with the Łódź Design Festival and the Łódź pedagogical staff. The goal of this initiative is to enrich school curricula, as well as to enhance teachers’ and students’ knowledge of issues connected with contemporary design.

Three Łódź schools will take part in the project: Lower Secondary School No. 36, Primary School No. 173 and School4child – ABiS Primary School. This choice was not random. We want to reach children that belong to various age groups.

During the Design Lesson, students will participate in a series of classes that will familiarise them with issues connected with design. After this introduction, they will visit the Łódź Design exhibitions and take part in festival events.

Participation in the project is free of charge and involves three stages:
1. Preparatory period, consisting in establishing cooperation with teachers who, together with a Łódź Design Festival representative, will prepare the Participation Scenario, which will describe the activities planned for the children in connection with visiting the exhibitions of the 6th Festival. This Scenario will then be implemented in class. (September 2012)
2. Students’ and teachers’ visit to the Łódź Design Festival (October 2012)
3. Project evaluation – sum-up classes and meeting with teachers aimed at collecting their comments and opinions, as well as the ceremony of giving diplomas to the children involved in the programme (November 2012)

The objective of the DESIGN LESSON project is to arouse interest in issues connected with design among the local community, including students and teachers of primary and lower secondary schools. By way of employing tools characteristic of informal education, we would like to reach groups of local children and youth and enhance their knowledge of design.