Educreation. Children’s meeting with design provides room for educational play for the youngest group of the Łódź Design Festival target audience. It is for the second time that we have come up with a suggestion of a program for children and their parents, being convinced that it is worthwhile showing good projects to children and taking them along to workshops and festivals, thus shaping their aesthetics since their childhood.

The various activities offered within the framework of Educreation are aimed at developing sensitivity to aesthetics and creativity both in children and in their caretakers, and at broadening their knowledge of arts, at inspiring creative behaviour, and developing practical skills such as: group work, ability to cooperate and to create. It is an ideal way to spend time creatively.

Educreation. Children’s meeting with design means:
- Interactive creative WORKSHOPS run by design experts;
- Children’s PLAYROOM with creativity-boosting toys;
- An EXHIBITION with products for children including both those that are generally available, but original and well designed, and those that are unique and not often to be seen, designed by Polish and foreign designers;
- Decorative CUT OUT in the form of a calendar, inspiring creative thinking and acting, specially designed for Educreation 2012;
- A book ILUSTROWANY ELEMENTARZ DIZAJNU [Illustrated Spelling Book of Design], with an exhibition of illustrations from the book; and
- A special GUIDED TOUR of the Festival Centre exhibitions with Ewa Solarz, the author of the first Polish book on design for the youngest which was a successful attempt at getting the meanings of the language of art across to children in their language.

The Educreation Project. Children’s meeting with design was funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the Cultural Education program.

Project curator: Ewa Solarz –

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