Forum: Design & Architecture, or a new approach to lecturing. Our intention is to create an even larger space for the audience to have the opportunity not only to listen to design professionals such as designers, producers and curators, many of whom enjoy international recognition and the number is growing each year, but also to hear the answers to the pervading questions, to have discussions with the experts and to exchange experiences. Over those four days, we will focus on the current topics related to the changes the world is undergoing as well as new working methods for designers. We will talk about User Experience, design thinking, the condition of Polish design and about architecture. We will try to find the answers to a number of questions such as: Will experience design prove useful and successful for Polish companies? How are decisions made today regarding architecture and space?

The lectures are divided into thematic categories, which are:
19.10 Ways of TransForming
20.10 The Future is Stupid – designing solutions for today
21.10 Costs. Emotions. Responsibility. How decisions on architecture and space are made today
28.10 User Experience Design

Simultaneous interpretation for all speakers taking the floor during the Forum: Design & Architecture will be provided. Admission only for multi-entrance ticket or festival ID holders. Limited number of participants. Festival Centre, Targowa 35, IVp.


The lectures outside the thematic categories:

16:00 lecture: (reAct-Fashion Show) onoMono, Redesign Tomorrow, OFF Piotrkowska, Piotrkowska 138/140 

14:00 lecture: Akademia Architektury, Allmendinger, Regionalna Izba Budowlana, Piotrkowska Plus: Architektura i tożsamość narodowa, Allmendinger, Łąkowa 11
14:30-15:15 lecture: Interprint & Tomek Rygalik, Search: Brzoza POLSKA!Centrum Festiwalowe, Targowa 35
17:30 Dobre Wnętrze, Małgorzata Tomczyk, How we grew up to design / a summary of the last 15 yearsCentrum Festiwalowe, Targowa 35
18:30 lecture: Ulf Boman (Kinnarps), Offices of the future. From a workplace to work understood as a resultTextorial Park, Kinnarps, Fabryczna 17

17:00 lecture: Łukasz Nowacki, Projektowanie permakulturowe w kontekście autonomicznego budownictwa bioklimatycznego, Mała Litera w MS2, Ogrodowa 19

16:00 lecture and show around the exhibition: Marika Kuźmicz, fundacja ArtOn, Attendance is compulsory?… or a few difficult tales on commitmentCentrum Festiwalowe, Targowa 35

19:00 lecture: (reAct-Fashion Show) onoMono, Redesign Tomorrow, OFF Piotrkowska, Piotrkowska 138/140 

11:00 discussion panel: must have, moderator: Czesława Frejlich / Participants: Monika Brauntsch, Farida i Krzysztof Dubiel, Piotr Voelkel, Mikołaj Wierszyłłowski, Centrum Festiwalowe, Targowa 35
13:00-13:45 wykład: Zbigniew Krzysztyniak, Ryszard Niżewski, Polska Agencja Prasowa SA, Press, television, the Internet and social networking: How to use the media to promote designCentrum Festiwalowe, Targowa 35
14:30 discussion panel: British Council, Magdalena Czapniewska, Anna Skopińska, Awareness in design – London Design Festival i Global DesignCentrum Festiwalowe, Targowa 35