Moderator: Agnieszka Rasmus-Zgorzelska, Aleksandra Stępnikowska (Centrum Architektury)
, Festival Centre, Targowa 35, IV floor

10:30 Wiesław Makówka, Marcin Wesołowski (HP), Creativity. Mobility. Partnership
11:15 Monika Komorowska, Everyday problems with participation
12:00 Sarah Frood, Desmond Bernie, The icecream van ethos
12:45 Ewa Rzanna, Renovation with Chinese characteristics: China and the architectural heritage of its past
13:30 Zbigniew Maćków, Renoma – life after life
14:15-15:15 coffee break
15:15 Joanna Kusiak, Architecture of consciousness, design of public trust
16:00 Jay Shafer, SIZE MATTERS
16:45 Marcin Pietrzyk (Cad Projekt K&A), CAD Decor PRO will help you to design your interior with awareness

Not only city councils, local governments, urban planners and architects have impact on the appearance and functions of cities. Decision making processes are becoming more and more dynamic and decentralised. On the one hand, they democratise: the public is invited into consultations on a growing number of occasions, transparent tendering procedures are being developed, both environmentalists and historians have their say. On the other hand, a wave of spontaneous actions by city users is rising: backyards are converted into gardens, district parks spring up and favela-like suburban areas appear over night, while at the same time single buildings or even entire urban districts fall prey to property developers before the inefficient authorities manage to include them in a conservation area or to identify them as worthy of preservation due to their significance to a community. How do we strike the balance? What are the criteria for deciding whether to demolish or to preserve, in what form, and above all, at what cost? Are we ready and well-prepared to co-decide on the shape of a city? Are we aware of the fact that our daily lifestyle choices have a genuine impact on the space around us?



Agnieszka Rasmus-Zgorzelska (1972)
Co-founder of the Centrum Architektury foundation. Between 2009 and 2011 she was an editor for “Architektura-murator” magazine and the managing editor of “Architektura od wnętrza” magazine. She is a graduate of the Institute of the English Studies at the University of Warsaw. She also completed postgraduate studies in Urban Development and Spatial Planning at the Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology. She studied Communication as part of the Programme of European Studies at Warsaw School of Economics (joint project with Institut D’Etudes Politiques de Paris) and at the Faculty of Intercultural Studies at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. She published a number of articles and essays on architecture, design and culture and works as an editor for many publishing houses and institutions.



Aleksandra Stępnikowska (1975)
Co-founder of the Centrum Architektury foundation. She graduated from the Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Between 2002 and 2011 she was an editor for “Architektura-murator” magazine. From 2006-2007 she carried out her own editorial projects on photography and architecture in the monthly magazine: W subiektywie / Subjectively (with J. Sokołowski) and Okładki 2007: Przestrzeń. Młoda polska fotografia / 2007 Covers: Space. Young Polish Photography (with J. Kołodziejski). She supervised three Warsaw-based editions of the architectural competition Life in Architecture organised by “A-m”. Between 2008 and 2011 she curated a series of “Architektura” covers showcasing young Polish graphic designers, that was later accessioned into the Gallery of Poster and Design’s collection in the National Museum in Poznań.