Moderator: Agnieszka Szóstek
, Festival Centre, Targowa 35, IV floor

10:00 Jacek Zdybel (TON), From THONET to RED DOT – an unusual story of the TON Company
10:45 Francesco Costacurta, Lukasz Bertoli (EMO DESIGN), A cool nail! Repositioning a commodity by using a deep user experience analysis on a product design exploration
11:30 Stephan Wensveen, Constructive Design Research: from the Lab, Field and Showroom
12:15 Eric Toering, Touch is the future now, so what is the future?
13:00 Andres Lucero, Social and Spatial Interactions
13:45 Agata Rączewska, UX as a game
14:15-15:15 coffee break
15:15 Ralph Talmont, Full Spectrum Awareness and the Future We Want
16:00 Agnieszka Szóstek, Experience Design. Will this really work here in Poland?

In recent years, people have been becoming increasingly aware of the significance of designing for users and with users. This awareness is the result of a very simple business calculation: in times when access to technology and possibilities of creating new products and services is unlimited, the client can be persuaded to select a given solution by those values which are additional to functionality and usefulness (and currently, the latter is a sine qua non element). It is important to understand latent user needs, such as the need for a feeling of belonging, capturing recurrent memories or instigating curiosity, and design products and services to meet them. During this block of presentations, we would like to present User Experience design from the perspective of product, service and interactive system designers.


Dr Agnieszka Szóstek holds a position of research adjunct at the Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities and is a User Experience and user-centered interaction design lecturer at its Poznań design department: School of Form. Next to her research activities, Agnieszka is a User Experience and Design Thinking consultant. She advises and teaches design approach to innovation based on knowledge about users and their desires to companies such as Play, Orange, Bumar, Product and others. Furthermore, Agnieszka is a chairwoman of the Polish association of UX and usability professionals: CHI Poland and in her spare time she is a blogger ( and a podcaster (

Agnieszka picked up the topic of user-centered design in 2000 during the postgraduate studies at User-System Interaction program at the Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands. In her career she worked for companies such as Philips, Océ Technologies and Google. She was also a usability consultant for Agfa Healthcare, Banksys and SmartSigns. In 2005,she returned to academia and began doctoral studies at the Faculty of Industrial Design again at the Eindhoven University of Technology, where she defended the doctorate in 2009.The subject of her research regarded mechanisms stimulating social behavior in mediated communication. Directly after her PhD she worked at the newly formed Intelligent Lighting Institute (ILI) in Eindhoven where she designed relaxation lamps for Psychiatric Crisis Center (GGzE) belonging to the St. Catherine hospital in Eindhoven. After returning to Polish she initiated the Interactive Technology Laboratory at the Information Processing Centre (OPI) in Warsaw and then she decided to return to academia and combine science and consultancy as a way to increase the awareness of the value of User Experience and Design Thinking in Poland.