The Thingo portal is a platform which allows users simply to exchange objects, services and talents. The idea itself is very popular, and can be analysed in many ways during the current economic crises. However for us, its creators, the personal and emotional aspects are most important. On one hand, we wanted to create something which we would use ourselves; on the other, we have long been aware of the phenomenon of informal exchange in creative circles. It is important for us to shorten the distance between the idea, its evolution, complication and simplification, up to its realisation, where the vision rubs up against the technique, tastes and demands of the everyday user. We will share the results, both when and how people want to make exchanges, and also when they are just expressing an interest, more intrigued by the idea than by any desire to act.



Jacek Kołodziejski
Jacek Kołodziejski is a photographic artist. He graduated from the Faculty of Multimedia Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań.
He also studied Film and Photography at the Higher School of Art and Design in Łódź. He has worked as a fine art and commercial photographer for many years. His interests also include video and installation art. He gains inspiration from placing photography as a centre of broader contexts of creative activity.
He favours attractive art. He likes taking portraits of inspirational people of strong character. He is partial to red-haired people.



Dawid Bednarski
Dawid Bednarski is a culture promoter who practically grew up in the coffeehouse Chłodna 25. He has a fascination for novelty; he likes telling stories about new things, seeking ideological justifications.
He tries everyday to stay calm. He works with photographers from the SHOOTME photographers & production agency. While working on his own projects, he does so under the name and logo of Falbany.