The workshops offer you the opportunity to pursue creative and conceptual work as well as to become acquainted with and to practice various project development techniques. The workshops are conducted by practising designers and can become an enriching experience for both beginners and professional artists. We have invited distinguished personalities to lead this year’s workshops who will do their best to enhance the practical and theoretical knowledge of every participant. There is nothing better than active co-creation.

Participation in the workshops is open to a limited number of attendees.

In order to qualify for a workshop please purchase a multi-entrance ticket for the Festival and send your participation request using the email address given in the description of the relevant workshop.

11:00-16:00 Design Alive. Elevator speech, czyli jak w 3 minuty sprzedać temat mediom?

12:00-15:00 Zamek Cieszyn. Najwyższy czas na design! – warsztaty poświęcone tworzeniu strategii rozwoju opartych na designie
16:00 grupa MMA, rEKOdzieło – ZRÓB PUF!

11:00-13:00 workshops within the exhibition: Evan Marks, Splash! How Good Water Works?

10:00-14:00 OPEN WEAVING WORKSHOP. Awareness of the design of matter as a result of tradition and cultural heritage.