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The Future is Stupid* is a design exhibition. But it is NOT an exhibition about products, objects, brands, pop star designers, limited editions and status symbols… It is all about design as a tool, as a mindset, an attitude, a process, an approach.

This might sound very serious, but the exhibition is as concerned as it is playful and inspirational. 13 projects address real questions, with real yet unconventional, provocative and unexpected answers. The focus is less on colour, material, form and function than it is on the liquid process between designers and society leading to smart ideas. It offers the audience insights into how a design way of thinking can help finding better solutions to relevant challenges around the often cited megatrends mankind is facing – from health to mobility, from education to collaboration, from war to peace. It offers a wider perspective on the term and the possibilities of design. Even up to the point where non-designers in NGOs and Start-Ups apply design thinking to their tasks.

The Future is Stupid It is not about the beauty of another chair. It is about the beauty of a radical idea. It is about the people who are open and committed enough to take on the challenges. It is about the groups of people who have the courage to use design to make a difference. Such a design-state-of-mind is not visionary or utopian. It is not removed from today’s problems. It is not about a better future – it is about a better now.

(*The title is borrowed from and used with great admiration for artist Jenny Holzer.)

Curator: Sven Ehmann