Robert Kalin, Chris Maguire, Haim Schoppik (founders)

Etsy is a website build around a simple idea: to provide an online marketplace to join anyone producing handmade, small edition craft and design goods on one side and anyone interested in purchasing such items on the other. In other words: It is a democratic revolution in the design market.

Anybody can open an Etsy shop. Some sell a little, some make a living, but beyond that Etsy also created a very committed global community of artists, creators, collectors, thinkers and doers. The items presented here are a curated selection from polish Etsy members currently on offer.

Besides providing the online platform for millions of users, Etsy launched Etsy Labs in Berlin and Pop-Up events appearing every month in different places all over the world to provide workshops, tools and mentoring. It also coaches its community about how to better produce and present their items.


Kasia Urban Rybska

Cubic Purse (2011)
Cotton canvass, wool yarn, velvet

Simple lines, pure form, minimalism – this is what inspires me most. Less is more. One day I will achieve excellence… By that time, I will keep combining this extremely labour-intensive, ancient and often perceived as old-fashioned technique of tapestry embroidery with modern design. However, I accept also some indulgency in my projects to disenchant this refined and, in my opinion, too seriously taken weaving technique by adding some lightness and freshness to it.
And it can also be fun…


Natalia Gruszecka 

Porcelain teapot (2009)

I designed the porcelain teapot during my studies at the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass, Academy of Fine Art and Design in Wrocław as a response to the task of designing a utilitarian item. My aim was to achieve a form as simple as possible. This is why I decided to integrate all parts of a teapot (handle, spout and lid) in a single solid.
The teapot is cast from porcelain as two parts (teapot body and lid)


Wika Wonka

Pompom necklace (large / medium / small) (2012)
Acrylic yarn, spray paint, metal chain

Pompom brooch (large / medium / small / mini) (2012)
Acrylic yarn

Why not a pompom? The entire collection is based on the idea of combining ordinary items together to achieve unconventional results. Not everything can be changed but you can always try. Pompom = smile; smile = joy; joy = love; love = peace. And there is lots of fun too!

Crown (2012)
Wire, acrylic yarn

Who wouldn’t like to be king for a while? I created the crown because I was called a pompom queen once… I keep one crown for myself and send the other one (for a man) into the world. And I am waiting…


Anna Ławska

Necklace LN1 (2012)
metallised thread, metal parts

Necklace L1 (2012)

genuine leather, metal parts, high-grade stainless steel, silver

Necklace FW1 (2012)
genuine leather, metal parts, silver

The jewellery by Anna Ławska is smart combination of the freedom of geometry and simplicity of understatement with nothing being obvious. The items are inspired by shapes: rectangle, square or triangle, and every detail is a piece of art because of its ordinary form, so different from exaggerated and trivial decorativeness. The jewellery is dominated by dramatic lines, clean-cut forms and raw finishing: metal strips, screws, nuts. Strong figures are broken in surprising ways to form gentle but clear compositions.


Monika Skorupska

Futuristika (2012)
steel, copper

Futuristika is a series of experimental jewellery inspired by spatial geometry problems.

The items are made by hand from steel prosthetic wire (prosthetic braces) and copper wire recovered from damaged electric motors.

Futuristika is unique in form because it is fabricated like sculpture. In fact, it is  “sculpture for wearing”.