CDG PLAY Logo – red (2002)
Paper, ink

PLAY- The world famous PLAY logo was done in 2002 for the Comme des Garçons company.
The heart image happened simultaneously with, but independently of the creation of the PLAY line. I submitted it for another CdG project, for which it never made it, but eventually resurfaced making bigger waves as a logo for the PLAY line. I feel as if Rei Kawakubo and I, were both subliminally affected by each other’s work.
It’s one of the most bootlegged logos in Asia, from fancy nock offs to crude fashion inventions found at the local markets and bazaars.

CDG PLAY Logo – green (2006)
Paper, ink

The GREEN heart is a cousin to the RED heart and was designed for a sub line of PLAY in 2006.

The initial “I” for NEW YORKER magazine (mid 90s)
Ink, photocopier

“ii”-  the initial i, was one of many illustrated initial letters that week after week started a first word of a short fiction story in The New Yorker magazine. Every time the letter gave a hint of what the story was about. This was a love story, therefore the intertwined “i”s. I did these weekly for over 4 years. From the late 1990s.

BLACK (2012)
Ink, markers

BLACK- flower poster for Comme des Garçons’ new line. These images/illustrated logos were used for 2012 summer collection of T shirts and canvas bags. These days BLACK line is of my main outlets of work for CdG.

FLY TIME (2007)
Acrylic paint

Fly Time installation was my contribution to the Happy Living group show at the Museum of Tomorrow in downtown Taipei, Taiwan. The museum was an alternative exhibition space open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week in a defunct Nissan car garage.
There were 5 participants and each got a 3m x 3.4m x 4m white house to be artistically dealt with. All the others sent their visual statements digitally via the internet. I arrived in person with brushes and gallon cans of paint… March/April 2007.

MEDICOM – positive and negative (2010)

Another MediCom project was a 2007 design of prints for their fabric assortment. I came out with a design made of different dog types, all made in a simple brush stroke style. I called it Mondo Cane (Dog World) somewhat referring to the famous 1962 documentary by Gualtiero Jacopetti. The prints were produced black and white in positive and negative. Along the fabrics themselves MediCom produced a bunch of items like slippers, backpacks, pillows, etc… all made up from the printed fabric.

PAUL & RINGO – Project of a cover for the Ty i Ja magazine (1965/66)

Ty i Ja (You and I) was a monthly magazine in Poland in the 1960s. It was what we call today a lifestyle magazine and it was the funniest and most colorful and adventurous of all the press at the time in the communist Poland. Each issue had a cover done by one of the most creative graphic artists working at that time in Poland. Of course I wasn’t, but my father Henryk Tomaszewski was. And it was he who decided to collaborate with me. We both just saw A Hard Day’s Night, The Beatles movie and were quite enamored of it…

Nathanael West portrait (late 90s.)
Ink , photocopier

Nathanael West-  portrait of the American writer Nathanael West was done for The New Yorker magazine as an illustration to his short story about the cafe art scene in Paris in the 1920s.

Prints projects for Comme Des Garçons (2000)
Paper, ink, spray paint, photocopier

Photos from Comme des Garçons’ March 2000 Paris women’s show. I designed all the prints for this show with an updated PUNK theme. The response was very strong. From high praise to cancellation of orders from some Saudi Arabian department stores. Rei Kawakubo loved the controversy.
It was one of my first assignments for CdG. And one of the most exciting.