must have is a project consisting of a contest and an exhibition. The project was organized for the first time last year. Within the scope of the contest, the Expert Board comprised of media representatives and important design centers selected the items that they found most interesting and deserving of attention as items which represent the current trends in design. The work submitted for the contest also consists of items submitted by experts and, starting this year, also suggestions selected independently by the companies. The works chosen by the expert board are then displayed at an exhibition that accompanies the current edition of the Łódź Design Festival.

The must have project has been established for the purpose of exhibiting good Polish design and thereby promoting Polish companies and designers. Last year’s festival exhibition has been presented during the world’s largest design fair in Milan where it was visited by more than 60,000 people over six days. The winning projects were also promoted in Wrocław during the “Noc z Dizajnem” [“Design Night”] event. The exhibition proved a great success among organizers of design events in Poland and the world and also received favorable mentions in numerous design and general interest magazines.

This year’s contest edition follows in the footsteps of last year’s success. Among more than 300 nominated and submitted products, the Expert Board awarded 66. The 40 distinguished products will be presented at the must have exhibition during the Łódź Design 2012.

We encourage you to learn more about the projects which we recommend as examples of a smart and conscious strategy of investments in design.

Curator: Ewa Solarz

Projects taking part in the must have exhibition:

  1. Ordinary Lamp / design: Monika Brauntsch, Sonia Słaboń / producer: Kafti Design
  2. Sofa Teddy Bear / design: Mikołaj Wierszyłłowski / producer: NOTI
  3. Young Users Furniture / design: Marta Krupińska / producer: VOX
  4. F&R Beds / design: Agata i Arek Seredyn / producer: Rafa Kids
  5. Slumber poufs / design: Aleksandra Gaca / producer: Casalis
  6. L3 Table / design: Marek Krajewski / producer: ONDESIGN
  7. Polonia table and chair / design: Jadwiga Husarska Chmielarz i Paged Design Team / producer: Paged Meble
  8. Moose Table / design: Małgorzata Malinowska, Filip Ludka, Tomasz Kempa (Tabanda) / producer: Tabanda
  9. Limeryk Garden Furniture / design: Tomasz Augustyniak / producer: Delivié
  10. Stream Line pavig / design:  Jerzy Dobrzański / producer: Libet S.A
  11. Zen oven / design: Code Architecture & Design Sp z o.o. / producer: Amica Wronki S.A
  12. Liva bathtub / design: MOWO Studio / producer: Marmorin Sp. z o.o.
  13. Futura Black Collection wash basin fixture / design: Studio Colorofon / producer: Bisk
  14. Wallpaper / design: Justyna Medoń / producer: Red Poppy
  15. Circus collection / design: Marek Mielnicki / producer: Porcelana Kristoff
  16. Moon bowl / design: Arkadiusz Jaworski / producer: Mops Design
  17. Carbo – silverware holders / design:  Zofia Strumiłło-Sukiennik, Anna Łoskiewicz-Zakrzewska / producer:  Beza Projekt s.c
  18. Milk and honey / design: Zofia Strumiłło-Sukiennik, Anna Łoskiewicz-Zakrzewska / producer: Beza Projekt s.c
  19. Wszystko Gra book [Perfect play] / author: Anna Czerwińska-Rydel / graphic design: Marta Ignerska / Wytwórnia Publishing House
  20. M.O.D.A book [F.A.S.H.I.O.N] / author: Katarzyna Świeżak / illustrations: Katarzyna Bogucka / Dwie Siostry Publishing House
  21. Book series entitled Masters of Illustration / various authors / Dwie Siostry Publishing House
  22. dot PL book – A children’s guide of Poland / author: Andrzej Paulukiewicz / illustrations: Dominik Cymer, Rafał Szczepaniak / Dwie Siostry Publishing House
  23. Żożo i Lulu book  / author: Elisabeth Duda / illustrations: Agata Dudek / graphic design: Małgorzata Frąckiewicz / Poważne Studio / Dookoła Świata Publishing House
  24. Wooden Blocks / design: Katarzyna Turczyńska i Rafał Jarmołowski / producer: Kaszubebe
  25. Doll house / design: Małgorzata Drozdowska, Agnieszka Klimczak-Pyryt, Bogusław Saganowski / producer: Miniio
  26. White & Black book / design: Maja Rytyńska / producer: White & Black
  27. New collection of cardboard toys / design: Farida i Krzystof Dubiel / producer: Trzy myszy
  28. Cardboard Hocki-klocki [building blocks] / design: grupa projektowa Od Rzeczy / producer: Od Rzeczy
  29. Series of Bar Mugs / design: Mamsam (various designers) / producer: Mamsam
  30. T-shirt prints / various designers / producer: Pan tu nie stał
  31. Boho Collection / design: Małgosia Bochenek / producer: Boho
  32. Cookie aprons / design: Justyna Nakielska, Sylwia Rękawek / producer: COOKie
  33. Florama Garden / design: Florabo / producer: Pracownia Florabo
  34. 2+3D quarterly magazine / Cover design: various designers  / producer (publisher): Rzecz Piękna Fundacja Rozwoju Foundation of the Faculty of Industrial Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow and 2+3D Spółka z o.o.
  35. Bicycles / design: klient / producer: Manufaktura Fera Bikes
  36. Book series for the Publishing House 40 000 Malarzy / design: Aleksandra i Daniel Mizielińscy – Hipopotam Studio / producer:  40 000 malarzy Publishing House
  37. Bedding / design: Agnieszka Czajkowska / producer:  Color Stories
  38. Machiny jewelry collection / design: Anna Orska / producer: Orska
  39. Clip on bangs / design and producer: Jaga Hupało
  40. Hair badge / design and producer: Jaga Hupało
  41. Tosia i Pudełko [Tosia and the Box] / author: Agatha Loth Ignaciuk /  Muchomor Publishing House




Other projects distinguished with the must have sign:

  1. Zulu Chair / design: Tomek Rygalik / producer: Comforty
  2. Beza Lamp / design: Mowo Studio / producer:  Mowo Studio
  3. Explore Chair / design: Agata Kulik-Pomorska and Paweł Pomorski /producer: Malafor
  4. Wallpaper Collection / design: Marcelina Jurnuszkiewicz / producer:  Kiss my Wall
  5. Plates from the TOY BS Transportation collection / design: Bogusław Śliwiński / producer:  Besign
  6. Bedding/ design: Tymek Jezierski / producer:  Andropol
  7. Textile / Exemplary Mom [Wzorcowa Mama] Tablecloth / design: Pani Jurek / producer:  Gang Design
  8. O Fotografii [On Photography] Album / author: Susan Sontag / design:  Przemek Dębowski / Wydawnictwo Karakter
  9. Kto kogo zjada [Who eats who]  / illustrations: Aleksandra and Daniel Mizieliński / Publishing House: Znak
  10. Gra Archimemo / design: Anna Piwowar / producer:  Centrum Architektury Architecture Center
  11. Opakowania materiałów budowlanych Tiptoper / projekt: Studio Otwarte / producent: Tiptoper
  12. Minister beer label / design: Ostecx Creative /  Ministerstwo Browaru
  13. Cordial packaging / design: Z.Kozuba and Sons / producer:  Z. Kozuba i Synowie
  14. A12 and A25 Stamps / design:  Matylda Golędzinowska, Bogusława Bogala-Małczyński / producer:  Modico
  15. Retro 750 Scooter / design: Romet Motors group / producer:  Romet
  16. B6 Bicycle / design:  Andrzej Żuczkowski / producer: Kross
  17. Changeable Carrycot / design: Anna Kasieczka / producer: Metr 64
  18. Jewelry from the Krople [Drops] collection / design: Anna Orska / producer:  W.Kruk
  19. Ueg lifestyle packaging Collection / designer: Michał Łojewski / producer: UEG
  20. REM Bamboo Collection from women and children / design: Luiza Jacob / producer: Dream Nation
  21. Dresses from sleeve cuffs / Joanna Paradecka / producer:  Paradecka
  22. Cmoki Furniture / Katarzyna Klimaszewska, Marek Wysocki / Pies Filozof
  23. Shirts / design: Andrzej Lisowski / brand: Delikatessen
  24. Nadmuchane płaszcze / design: Zuo Corp / producer: Zuo Corp
  25. Solniczka i pieprzniczka Taste of Diversity / design: Aze Design dla Urzędu Miasta w Białymstoku / producer: Aze Design