The winner of this year’s make me! competition receiving a main prize of PLN 20,000 funded by the Major Festival Patron Paradyż Ceramics is Jan Lutyk for his ‘Ribbon’ chair design project. The judges appreciated above all the understanding of the material used by the designer in his work, the clarity and simplicity of the message and the awareness of comprehensive thinking – from initial product idea through to transfer to production. A delicate and yet stable construction is another strength of the winning project.

Additional Awards:
- Publication in Elle Decoration for Małgorzata Dziembaj for the OVO project for finding a beautiful way to familiarise our mind with the inevitability of death. Everything begins and ends. The form of an ideal white ball may be taken literally or in a metaphysical sense as the perfect metaphor for a beginning, while enclosing ashes inside constitutes a unifying link between birth and death.
- A study trip to the head office of Interprint in Germany where the Design Center of the Interprint Group is located for Jan Lutyk for his ‘Ribbon’ chair design project
- RM58 classic armchair designed by Roman Modzelewski goes to Jan Lutyk for his ‘Ribbon’ chair design project

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